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Rockabilly Car Shows and Events
Rockabilly, Car Shows, Events, Conventions, and So On...

This is a section to find information on Car Shows and Events that are a little bit more entertaining then your typical Sunday afternoon local community meets. Nothing wrong with the little small town traditional Car shows, but if you want a little more excitement and have a day or whole whole weekend to kill... This is the place to check out!

These car shows revolve around Custom Cars, Traditional Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Shoeboxes, Lead sleds, Coupes, Roadsters, Trucks, Chopped tops, Channeled, Bagged, Dropped... Doesn't Matter, you find all the crazy cool rides at these shows!

Live entertainment in the form of Rockabilly Bands and Music, Side Shows, Burleque, Burnout Contest, Pinup Girls! Flamethrowner contest, Dirt Track Racing, Traditional Drag Racing and So on!

So keep an eye out! 2008 show dates are starting to show up!

Johnny and Hon's Bar and Grill - Reading PA - WEEKLY!
Featuring FREE Rockabilly performances every Sunday From 6 to 9PM. Cheap drinks and grub, great people and of course ROCKABILLY!

Violators Spring Bash 2008 - Oley PA - May 3rd 2008
This is the perfect event to start of the 2008 Car Show Season. Rods, Bikes, vendors, music, and much more!

Rockabilly Run - Scranton PA - June 13??? 2008
This was a great show! Next years event is well into the planning

Soda Jerk Car Show - Monthly Event
Literally 1000 plus cars show up at this. Perfect way to kill a Saturday if you have one in need of killing. Happens every first Saturday, 3 - 7PM of each month.