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The Bullets at Johnny and Hon's Bar and Grill
Johnny and Hon's Bar and Grill


The Bullets

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April 6th 2008
The Bullets
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April 13th 2008
Highway 13
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April 20th 2008
West Side Winders
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I am not sure about the rest of you, but Sunday has always been a day to unwind from the weekend. No real plans or anything crazy going on, just the day to rest before work week grind begins the next day.

That has totally changed for me. Today I had a wonderful time at the ROCnIRISH Barbeque. Great people, great bands, really had the authentic rockabilly feel to it. People of all ages showed up and just had a wonderful time sitting out in the Shade (or sun where I was located at) and just enjoying the music and company of everyone.

ROC let the group know about this little Bar and Grill in Reading where the party will continue, AND it occurs every Sunday from 6 to 9. I am not a huge fan of Reading, but I figured might as well check it out. It was well worth the little detour on the way back to Lancaster and ended up being the perfect finale for the day!

Johnny & Hon's Bar and Grill is Very easy to get to and it is located not even 5 minutes off of the 5th street highway exit on Route 12. If you are not familiar with Reading, but close enough to hear about how bad the city is, do not worry, you aren't going to be in this section of town and you NEED to check this out. 2 Dollar Lagers, good food, good people and the the bands that do it for the love of the music (and free drinks of course!).

Tonight the Bullets were playing. Incredible Rockabilly/psychobilly/rock/blues/ all the other good stuff blended into their own mix. Had a spot right up front for the band and they put on an incredible show. The Bullets, no matter where they are playing are definitely worth checking out.

I will be going to Johnny & Hon's Bar and Grill any Sunday that I have free, In fact, it was that good of a time that I will try to make my Sunday plans revolve around this wonderful place.

Here is the address, please come and check them out. You will NOT be disappointed.

Johnny & Hon's Bar and Grill
2546 Kutztown Road
Reading PA

Where is that?!?!
It's here!
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Johnny and Hon's Directions